Faced with too many ads to write and not enough time to write them, most real estate professionals are forced to rehash the same old ads week after week after week. Now you don't have to!
Announcing, the return of the best-selling real estate classic, 2,001 Winning Ads For Real Estate (new 3rd Edition). The most complete volume of real estate classified ads ever written! And fully updated! Cover to cover this easy-to-use reference is jam-packed with 2,001 winning ads for just about any listing you'll ever have. From condos to mansions and everything in between.

Paperback - 320 pages. Only $29.95

   What's more, each chapter is broken down by:
  • Location
  • Size
  • Terms
  • Style
  • Special features

2,001 Winning Ads for Real Estate includes a complete listing of dozens of useful "ad tips" and a list of hundreds of words and phrases to help you describe even the most difficult properties in just the right way.

New 3rd Edition is 'Politically Correct!'
Plus, the new 3rd Edition has been updated with HUD's Part 109-Fair Housing Advertising Guidelines.

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