Welcome to the Argyle Press Bookstore in association with Amazon.com®. The following titles are published by Argyle Press for real estate professionals. To find out more about a book, or to order it, click on the title (or image).

How To Farm Successfully - By Mail
Written exclusively for real estate professionals, this book teaches you how to cultivate your farm area and increase your listings, sales --and commissions! More tht 50,000 copies in print. (Paperback - 336 pages. Only $24.95)

How To Farm Successfully - By Phone
Step by step, this book explains how you can apply proven telemarketing principles to your real estate farm. An ideal companion to How To Farm Successfully--By Mail (above). (Paperback - 352 pages. Only $24.95)

2,001 Winning Ads For Real Estate
This best-seller is the definitive guide to classified advertising. The updated 3rd Edition has been completely revised for the Section-109 FHA Real Estate Advertising Guidleines. (Paperback - 320 pages. Only $29.95)

Real Estate Advertising That Works!
In 11 fast, easy-to-read chapters, this classic Argyle Press book shows you step-by-step how to use advertising to maximize your real estate sales effectiveness. Written by Linda Lipman. (Paperback - 298 pages. Only $19.95)


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