In today's competitive real estate market, the key to getting ahead and staying ahead is targeting your professional services. And that's what real estate farming is all about! This book is the most complete, comprehensive volume of how to farm by phone. Written exclusively for real estate professionals, How to Farm Successfully--By Phone teaches you how to cultivate your farm area, and increase your listings, sales--and commissions!
Step by step, this book explains how you can apply proven telemarketing principles to your real estate farm.

Paperback - 352 pages. Only $24.95

   You'll learn how to...
  • Create and maintain your farm mailing lists
  • Make the telephone work for you!
  • Know what to say in those first critical 15 seconds!
  • Write winning farm phone scripts
  • Overcome the 6 most common objections in real estate
  • Turn incoming callers into your clients
  • Keep in touch with your past--and future--clients by phone
  • And much more!
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